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The experience gained over the course of a twenty-year career is put to use on a daily basis at the accounting offices of Padron, Montoro & Hartney, LLP. Experience in solving client's business problems: Experience in advising clients in the start up of their business; Experience in dealing with the challenges and opportunities  that are presented by ever-changing tax laws and technologies.

From providing accounting services to homeowner's and condominium associations, to advising small businesses and individual clients on tax matters, our commitment to personal service is what sets our firm apart from others.

This dedication to excellence combined with the explosive growth of computer technology in recent years has allowed us to provide a level of service never before available. We have developed a series of online services which allow our homeowner and condominium association clients to obtain information online any time of the day, any day of the week. Through our online office, homeowners can now view a statement of their account, and even make payments online! Homeowners can also request information by simply filling out a series of interactive forms and submitting them via e-mail to our office. The forms are received instantaneously and are processed within one business day. 

As technology expands, so will the capabilities of our site. New innovations are currently in the works and will be implemented in the near future…

Enjoy your tour of our site. Thanks for stopping by.

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